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The best holiday bagel deli catering in New York City

If you’re in search of the perfect holiday catering service in New York City, don’t wait to discover the one stop shop that offers an unmatched experience – Broad Nosh. With over 30 years of excellence in the deli bagel catering industry, we’ve earned a reputation for being the most reliable and sought-after catering service in NYC. Our Christmas holiday catering menu offers a wide range of delectable options to satisfy any culinary preference. From mouthwatering breakfasts to delicious lunch platters, our team of expert chefs are dedicated to fulfilling all your catering needs throughout the holiday season and beyond. What really sets us apart is our commitment to exceptional customer service and attention to detail. From our friendly staff to our impeccable delivery process, we spare no effort to ensure your party runs smoothly. Don’t just take our word for it – with over 2400 five-star reviews on Google, we are the only catering service in NYC to hold such an impressive rating. We are proud to serve locals and tourists alike, with our dedication to making our guests feel like they are at home, all the way from London to Japan and beyond


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